We want to revolutionize treatment for patients in need


Our values aren‘t just words on a page. They’re actions we take each day to create a culture we’re proud of and to achieve our mission as a company.

Commitment Our patients come first.
Empowerment We champion innovation.
Teamwork Together we amplify impact.
Hard work and dedication inspires more hard work and dedication. Our ophthalmologists and optometrists see how committed Tarsus is to the space, even compared to much bigger companies that have been around for a lot longer than us.
Arthur Chan, Vice President, Medical Affairs
Commitment goes beyond patients and treatments. It's those things, but it’s also commitment to each other. To hold ourselves accountable to deliver on our promise of innovation and to create a positive work experience for our team.
Steve Reyes, Director, Project Management
We were hired for a reason. Each of us has a specific skill set that leadership believes in. I feel empowered knowing that I'm trusted to do my job and do it well.
Mika Thorley, Senior Manager, Professional Relations
Empowerment means being heard. It means the freedom to think untraditionally and openly offer solutions to any challenge, no matter your position in the company.
Stephanie Camacho, Clinical Research Associate
Through teamwork, we at Tarsus are working together collaboratively to attain the same vision.
Stephanie Baba, Director, Clinical Affairs
We all dig in every day and just get it done. We also want each other to be successful so the support by our teammates and leaders is very evident.
Cindy Navarrette, Director, Talent