A Vision
for Change


At Tarsus, we believe we’re here to create a meaningful difference in the lives of patients. We accomplish that by fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion — both within our organization and our communities.

We are guided by 3 simple but powerful principles:

Business Effectiveness

Diversity drives better business results.

It’s simple: we believe that new ideas and perspectives lead to greater innovation, closer engagement, and, ultimately, better outcomes for patients. We demand it of ourselves and we expect it of others.

Community Relations

We are part of something bigger.

We take our role in the community seriously. It’s our responsibility to support, build, and drive positive change where we live and work. This is the kind of world we want to live in — so we’re starting with ourselves.


We want everyone to feel that they belong.

We encourage our people to bring their whole selves to work. When every individual is seen, supported, and connected, they can be their best at work and in life. That way, everybody wins.